InVesalius is a free software for reconstruction of computed tomography and magnetic ressonance images. The software is mainly used for rapid prototyping, teaching, forensics, and in the medical field. It is possible to use it on the Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and Apple Mac OS X platforms. The software’s main features are the ability to import DICOM or Analyze files, to export files to the STL, OBJ, and PLY formats, volume rendering, and manual or semiautomatic image segmentation.

InVesalius has been developed since 2001 by Centro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato Archer (CTI), in Brazil. At that time, there was no medical image software in Portuguese that fulfilled the brazilian hospitals and clinics needs. Therefore, InVesalius came as a proposal of national development with the following goals:

  • minimal or null acquisition cost;
  • capability of execution on low-cost personal computers;
  • capability of execution on different operating systems and act as a platform to encourage the use and development of medical images in Brazil.
  • Since then, InVesalius has been constantly enhanced. As part of an agreement with the Brazilian Ministry of Health, version 3 was developed – completely redesigned and with new features, after the analysis of requirements from thousands of users.